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Mentor Teachers
Payments to teachers who serve as mentors do count toward pensionable salary for purposes of the teachers’ retirement system. Teachers who have earned additional pay as mentors should check their annual State Teachers’ Retirement Board (STRB) Member Statement to ensure that such payments were reported by the district to the STRB and included in the “pensionable salary” column on the statement in any year such payment was earned. If it was not reported, teachers are advised to have their district send a letter to the STRB informing them of this payment immediately so that mandatory contributions that should have been withheld (and accrued interest) can be calculated and billed to the teacher by the STRB.  It is important for each affected teacher to follow-up directly with the STRB to ensure that they have received the necessary information and that corrections have been made.

Leave of Absence Without Pay


Health Insurance

  • Health insurance option for retired teachers who will not be eligible for Medicare at age 65, please read Medicare Memo.


  Agenda for 2016-17 Meetings

See you in September!

Our first meeting of the 2017-2018 school year is Thursday, September 21st at Stafford Library at 3:30.

All members are encouraged to attend.  All non-officer members who attend the SEA meetings will be entered in a raffle for a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card to be awarded at the end of each meeting (must be present to win)!


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