Question What are some CEA member benefits and discounts?
Answer Click here for a partial list of CEA member benefits and discounts.  For a complete list, visit www.cea.org/memberbenefits. There are many perks of being members. Make sure you take advantage of the benefits your card will bring you!
Question What is the policy if you are out more than three consecutive days?
Answer The policy, which is used to verify attendance and has been in place since 2008, is this:
“A call will be made from the attendance office to the school office once a staff member has been out more than three consecutive school days to try to determine the reason for the absence. If the employee has sick time available, returns with five consecutive school days and the reason for the absence is a minor illness, then no further action is necessary. If the absence extends beyond five consecutive school days (# of days determined by FMLA regulations), the attendance office should try to get more information regarding an approximate return date and then the Superintendent’s Office should be notified and provided with an FMLA verification report on the employee. Regardless of what type of time is being used, if an employee is hospitalized for any reason, for any amount of time, a note from a physician is required clearing the employee to return to work.”
Question Do payments to teachers who serve as mentors count toward pensionable salary for purposes of the teachers’ retirement system?
Answer Payments to teachers who serve as mentors do count toward pensionable salary for purposes of the teachers’ retirement system.Teachers who have earned additional pay as mentors should check their annual State Teachers’ Retirement Board (STRB) Member Statement to ensure that such payments were reported by the district to the STRB and included in the “pensionable salary” column on the statement in any year such payment was earned. If it was not reported, teachers are advised to have their district send a letter to the STRB informing them of this payment immediately so that mandatory contributions that should have been withheld (and accrued interest) can be calculated and billed to the teacher by the STRB.  It is important for each affected teacher to follow-up directly with the STRB to ensure that they have received the necessary information and that corrections have been made.
Question Does the Stafford Board of Education have a policy on sexual harassment?
Answer YES Stafford Sexual Harassment Policy
Question What are health insurance options for retired teachers who will not be eligible for Medicare at age 65?
Answer Medicare Memo
Question How do I email my State Representative or State Senator?
Answer Steps to email your State Representative or State Senator
1. Go to http://www.cea.org
2. Click on “Legislation and Politics.”
3. Click on “Go to the LAC (Legislative Action Center) Now.”
4. Log in with the first three letters of your last name and the last four numbers of your social security number and enter a password.
5. Click “okay.”
6. Enter your zip code and click on “go.” *
7. See Connecticut Legislative Action Center/My Elected Officials.
8. Click on the name of the person whom you want to email. You will see a photo, bio, their email, etc.
9. Click on “send message.”
10. Compose message and fill in your own information and check “send a copy to the CEA.”
11. Click “preview” and check for spelling, etc.
12. Click “send message.”
*To determine your district you may have to also fill in your address under the pink box and then click “go.”
Question Can all members attend SEA Executive Board Meetings?
Answer Yes, all members are welcome to participate.  We want members to bring their concerns or to  just come and listen.
Question What do I do about my membership dues if I take a leave of absence?
Answer Contact Kim McAdam at mcadamk@stafford.k12.ct.us Membership Chair.  She will inform you about the best options based on your leave.
Question Do I need to do anything if I change my degree status and in turn my annual salary?
Answer You must file with the Superintendent a statement of expectation for the earning of the degree no later than January 2 of the school year preceding the year in which the salary change is to take effect.
Question How do I qualify for tuition reimbursement?
Answer You must:

  1. Obtain prior written approval from the Superintendent for the proposed program of studies from an accredited college or university;
  2. Obtain a B- or better except in classes graded pass/fail (pass is acceptable);
  3. Submit the request for approval to the Superintendent with anticipated tuition costs by February 1 of the fiscal year preceding the fiscal year in which you plan to seek reimbursement;
  4. Submit evidence of completion of the course by August or January.
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